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Our Sustainable Zeal

We Are Proud To Be: Unique. Sustainable. Forward Thinking.

Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality are critical to every aspect of our operation.

As a collective of fun and inclusive individuals, we always consider our core values. Embracing these core values helps us ensure we create an authentic experience for our guests while fostering a creative and energetic environment for our team associates.

That is why 2 out of our 3 core values connect directly to our sustainability and carbon neutral initiatives - Sustainable Zeal and Embrace The Ethos.


zeal (/zēl/ noun):
great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective

e·thos (/ˈēTHäs/noun):
the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations

We Have:

We Are:

We Build and Care For Our:

We Are Dedicated To:
Individual Growth & Being Forward Thinking

We Care About:
Community Involvement

We Are Committed To:
Customized Service, Personal Service & Relationships

We Continue to Gain:

We Are Always Building A:
Solid Foundation of Knowledge

So, what are we actually doing about sustainability & carbon neutrality?

LOTS! And we continue to explore and adopt more sustainable practices to enhance our guest experience and ensure our operation is treading as lightly as possible on our environment.

We Sponsor Events

We’re a part of the dialogue on innovation and the contribution of tourism to Canada’s sustainable future.

Learn More. Get Involved.


Incredible resources exist that can help any organization become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint (Like, step-by-step instructions - it's basically a no-brainer). Here are just a few:

And you might be interested in following some really smart thinkers on the topics of Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality within the tourism space. Here are some recommendations from us:

Get In Touch!

Every organization has a Sustainability Team right? Cool.

Val & Jeffry head up our team here at The Parkside Hotel & Spa. If you need to get in touch with them just send them a note: