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Rooftop Gardens

One-of-a-kind. Romantic. Stunning.

The 6th floor Rooftop Gardens is a visually stunning venue with views of the downtown area and the iconic legislature buildings. This unique space lets you escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Victoria but without leaving the city. 

The Rooftop Gardens is such a romantic venue to say, "I Do" with your partner. Be surrounded by the beautiful plants, flowers and trees with the many views that are offered. 

a popular offering

Enjoy your lovely ceremony on the Rooftop Gardens, then head up to our 8th floor City Club Lounge for cocktail hour. While you and your guests are enjoying some bubbly celebrations, we'll reset the Rooftop Gardens for a beautiful dinner reception under the stars. Once you're finished a delicious dinner, catered by Truffles Catering, head back up to the City Club Lounge to dance the night away.