The Best Breakfasts in Victoria, BC

Your mom was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while sometimes it’s tough to get out of bed when morning rolls around, there’s just something about the perfect combination of early-riser staples like pancakes, bacon, oatmeal and eggs that makes for the ideal early-riser boost. Throw in a little coffee and OJ, and you’re ready to face the day. 

Looking for the best breakfasts in Victoria, BC? You’ve come to the right place. 

Jam Café

Jam Café’s legendary early-morning menu has put them at the top of nearly every breakfast ranking in the city. And once you stop in and sit down, it’s not hard to see why. The service is brisk, the coffee is always fresh, and the inventive entrées truly offer something for everyone. From Mexican-style specialties like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, to countless different varieties of Benedicts, to their famous Chicken French Toast, nobody leaves here hungry.

542 Herald St, Victoria, BC V8W 1S6

Floyd’s Diner

Countless diners looking for a great breakfast spot have discovered Floyd’s thanks to its “you can’t miss it” hot-magenta façade. Once inside, it becomes obvious that the menu is just as can’t-miss as the eye-catching storefront. Build-your-own omelettes, towering stacks of hearty “lumbercakes,” and the provocatively-named “Listen to Me While I’m Talkin’ to Ya” have been turning hungry into happy for nearly 20 years. But if you really want to taste what put Floyd’s on the map? Just ask your server for “The Mahoney.” What is it? That’s up to the kitchen — it’s chef’s choice. But whatever it is, it’s always equal parts generous, and delicious.

332 Menzies St, Victoria, BC V8V 2G9

Nourish Kitchen

Located inside of a late-1800s home-turned-café, Nourish Kitchen creates the sort of farm-to-table, from-scratch cooking you’d make for yourself — if you only had access to the sort of to-shelf ingredients they do. Whether you opt for the tasty two-egg tartine (with fresh hummus and roasted vegetables), the “Sleeping Beauty” spiced oat pancakes (with real whipped cream and bee pollen cacao nibs), or the green bowl brimming with grains, feta, and herb sauce, you know you’re in for something good, and good for you. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options abound for those with special dietary needs, as well. 

225 Quebec St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W2

Shine Café

After you rise, it’s time to shine. Shine Café has been serving pristine morning plates to Victorians and visitors alike since 2004. And if you’re in the mood for timeless, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs classics, then this is the place to find them. Pancakes? Check. Bacon and sausage? You bet. French toast? Some of the best you’ll ever have. A dizzying array of Benedicts and omelettes are always on offer, as are a deep range of hash plates featuring everything from caramelized onions, cheeses, spinach and chorizo. You can also opt for a satisfying smoothie or fruit and yogurt parfait. Don’t skip the sides, either.  

1324 Blanshard St, Victoria BC V8W 2J1

John’s Place

You’ll find another favorite spot with a menu full of inventive twists on breakfast classics in John’s Place. If you’re feeling traditional, the pancakes, Belgian waffles and French toast are all ready to satisfy. But if you’re feeling adventurous, then John’s is, too. Try the “Odd Couple” chicken and waffles, “222 Headache” featuring a hangover-busting platter of eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage and ham, or the “Free Run Loaded” plate overflowing with an array of goodies reminiscent of a full English. It’s all hot, it’s all fresh, and it’s so delicious, you’ll be planning your next visit even as you soak up the last of the hollandaise with that final bite of toast. 

723 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N9

Tre Fantastico

Of course, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention our own Tre Fantastico, located right on-site at Parkside Hotel & Spa. While our cozy café may have begun as one of the best coffee spots in the city, it’s blossomed into so much more. Today, Tre Fantastico serves a full menu of locally sourced and chef-inspired favorites; fresh flavours that ebb and flow with the season. But one thing that always remains consistent is our bountiful breakfasts, made from scratch and served with style. So if you’re looking for a great way to start your day, we can make sure you get off to a “Fantastico” start right downstairs. 

965 Kings Road, Victoria BC V8T 1W7