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As summer's warmth gracefully gives way to the gentle embrace of autumn in Victoria BC, the city becomes an inviting wonderland that beckons travellers of all varieties. A unique blend of mild weather, stunning natural beauty, fascinating cultural treasures, and vibrant festivals is on offer for everyone to discover. Here's why you should consider visiting Victoria during this welcoming time of year.

Mild Conditions For Outdoor Adventures

Victoria's fall weather is a delight for outdoor enthusiasts. With temperatures typically ranging from around 12-20°C (or in the mid-50°s to mid-60°s Fahrenheit), the climate is comfortably crisp — making it an ideal time for exploring the city's lush gardens, scenic parks, and a stunning waterfront. So whether you're hiking, biking, taking a tour or simply heading out for a leisurely walk, the mild weather provides the perfect backdrop for your escapades.

A Symphony of Autumn Colours

Victoria is a city that lives in harmony with the environment; renowned for its natural beauty. And in the fall, it transforms into a symphony of vibrant colours. The city's numerous parks and gardens (such as Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park) truly come alive with the dazzling hues of fall’s transition, adding to the stunning tapestry of fall foliage that locals and visitors alike have come to treasure.

A Red Gate In A Park

Local Museums Offer History and Art

Victoria's rich past and cultural diversity are on full display at her world-class museums. Spend a cool autumn day exploring the Royal BC Museum, where immersive exhibits bring British Columbia's history to life. The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria houses a stunning collection of Canadian and First Nations art, providing a unique perspective on the region's creative heritage. Nautical enthusiasts will also find much to love at the The Maritime Museum of British Columbia, which celebrates the city’s storied seafaring heritage. Need some additional suggestions on where to start? Take a look at our post, “Victoria’s Museums and Gallery Scene” for some additional ideas on where to go and what to see.

Savour the Flavours of Fall

Victoria's culinary scene is a haven for foodies, and in the fall, it truly shines. As the harvest season unfolds, local restaurants (such as our own excellent on-site eatery Tre Fantastico) embrace the abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients available. Sample farm-to-table delights, indulge in hearty soups and stews, and sip on spiced autumn beverages in cosy cafes. Don't forget to try the island's seafood, which is at its best in the cooler months. And you simply cannot head home without partaking in one of the city’s traditional and elegant tea services. We recommend stopping by The Teahouse at Abkhazi Garden, or White Heather Tea Room.

Explore the City's Attractions

Autumn is an excellent time to explore Victoria's iconic attractions without the summer bustle. Take a leisurely stroll along Inner Harbour, admire the architectural masterpiece Parliament Buildings, and enjoy stunning views of the serene waterfront. Don’t forget to explore the historic neighbourhood of James Bay, where you'll find charming streets lined with breathtaking early-era homes. Craigdarroch Castle also offers a can’t-miss glimpse into the city’s history you have to experience to believe. 

A Large Castle With A Flag On Top

Embrace Adventure and Activities

Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, Victoria offers a wide array of activities to suit your preferences. Go whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island to witness majestic orcas, humpback whales, and grey whales on their migratory journeys. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, embark on a scenic cruise to explore the Gulf Islands, or take a leisurely bike ride with one of our complimentary bikes along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Don’t forget to pick up our Biking Guide at the front desk, which takes you through some of the area's most popular trails. 

Discover Unique Treasures at Local Markets 

Victoria offers a variety of local markets where you can shop for unique treasures and artisanal goods this fall. The Victoria Public Market at the Hudson is a bustling hub for fresh produce, artisan foods, and handcrafted gifts. The Moss Street Market features local arts and crafts, making it the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs. And the Esquimalt Farmers Market is always a fantastic place to stock up specialty goods.

A Body Of Water With A Building In The Background

Experience Autumn’s Magic at Parkside Hotel & Spa

Victoria promises an unforgettable fall season that will leave you with cherished memories of our charming city. When you’re ready to plan your stay, there’s no better spot to call home during your adventures than Parkside Hotel & Spa. Our central location, guest-first amenities and exceptional accommodations truly make us a destination unto ourselves. Feel free to take a look at our travel packages and special offers to find the Victoria, BC travel deal that’s right for you, and get ready to make some magical memories!