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Every business has a mission—the core of company culture that is upheld in the values and practices that happen every day. Here at The Parkside, our mission is simple: take care of our people and our planet. From the beginning, sustainability has been at the forefront of our operations and excellent guest experiences are the motivation behind everything we do.

To this day, we are committed to doing everything we can to preserve and protect our environment while simultaneously providing an exceptional experience for our guests. Let’s walk through the ways we do this!

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Beyond Green Community

With sustainable tourism becoming more of a focus for travellers, travelling with intention is a powerful way to take care of our planet and enhance the lives of our global community. That’s why, in 2022, The Parkside joined Beyond Green!

Beyond Green is a community of sustainable tourism businesses that pair great guest experiences with innovative sustainability leadership. The community includes a diverse portfolio of hotels and resorts that offer excellent hospitality in locations throughout the world. Membership is based on globally recognized sustainable tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud to be a part of this incredible group!

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Biosphere Committed

The Parkside Hotel & Spa is also Biosphere Sustainable Certified.  Biosphere tourism is based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement within sustainable practices, and the certification program recognizes tourism-based businesses based on these principles. The Biosphere Sustainable certification is a way for sustainably-minded travellers to find businesses that operate in line with their values. More importantly, it keeps businesses accountable to their environmental commitments through a sustainability plan curated specifically for their business.

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Sustainability at The Parkside

The entire team at The Parkside works hard to ensure that sustainability is always top-of-mind. We’ve added beehives to our rooftop gardens to promote green growth and bolster the declining bee population. We’ve also added compost bins to our suites, to cut down on food waste and landfill contributions. And, we partner with local businesses to carry plastic-free toiletries in our suites.

At The Parkside, we're all about providing a world-class experience whilst simultaneously protecting our environment. Our green initiatives are just as important to us as offering our guests a wonderful visit. So when you stay with us, you can rest assured that choosing to stay at The Parkside means you’re also doing your part to safeguard the planet we all call home.