How to Travel Green and Celebrate Earth Day in Victoria

Environmental conservation is more important than ever. Humanity is truly beginning to awaken to the fact that we all share one home — and taking steps to ensure that it not only survives, but thrives — is everyone’s responsibility. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, and it’s an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our choices and how we can take better care of the planet. In light of that, here are some simple green travel tips that everyone can try in order to reduce environmental impact during their eco travels.

Consider Your Transportation Options

There are many ways to reduce your environmental footprint when getting from point A to point B. When choosing flights, non-stop trips burn far less fuel than those with layovers do. Once you reach your destination, if you’re able to opt for group transit (pooled rideshares, shuttles, buses, etc.), it can help to keep carbon emissions lower. And walking is always a healthful, low-impact way to get around!  

Pack Light

While it can be tempting to over-pack for a trip in order to give yourself more options than you may need, reducing your weight means reducing your impact. The less overall weight that airplanes, cars and trains carry, the less fuel is needed to complete a journey. So it can be beneficial to spend a few days planning — prioritize “must haves” over “nice to haves,” opt for travel-size toiletries and bring a reusable water bottle. Every little bit truly helps.   

Reuse Towels and Sheets

When staying in hotels, it can be tempting to avail yourself of housekeeping every day. Still, if every traveler opted to simply keep the same towels and linens for the duration of their stay, the energy and water savings could really add up. According to Smithsonian Magazine, towel and linen re-use can account for an up to 17% reduction in energy and water use. That’s multiple millions of gallons of water and pounds of fuel saved, and a direct benefit to the earth.

Eat Local

When visiting a new place, eating at locally owned and operated restaurants is beneficial for several reasons. Fresh, unique preparations and experiences are chief among them. However, there’s also a green component to this idea. The fact that most local restaurants also source their ingredients locally can have a positive effect on the environment. Shorter food transportation distances, less-damaging farming methods and organic growth can all factor in.  

Leave No Trace

Campers have embraced this green travel concept for years: When departing a place, it’s always a good idea to leave your immediate environment exactly as you found it — if not cleaner! By “covering your tracks” as though you were never there, you not only leave things pristine for those who come after you, but you’re also taking it easier on the earth. So, pick up your trash, pick up someone else’s and clean up after yourself. It’s not just the right thing to do — it helps preserve the planet.

Choose Eco-Conscious Accommodations

When traveling green, your choice of accommodation matters. That’s a big part of the reason why The Parkside Hotel & Spa goes to such great lengths to be responsible environmental stewards. Sustainability, carbon neutrality and good ecological policy are some of our core values. To that end, we work closely with Offsetters — Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider — to ensure that our operations make a zero level of impact on our environment. In addition, we employ extensive water- and energy-saving measures throughout the property.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re doing our part to preserve our planet, we encourage you to visit our Sustainability Information Page or our previous eco-travel blog post, “The Benefits of Staying at a Sustainable Hotel.” 

The Parkside Hotel & Spa looks forward to welcoming you this Earth Day and introducing you to Vancouver Island’s natural wonders.