The Parkside Hotel & Spa is seriously GREEN

Here at The Parkside Hotel & Spa in downtown Victoria we support sustainability in as many ways as we possibly can. Seriously. Even our employees are on the green bus – literally – commuting to work reducing carbon emissions. Find out how our sustainability initiatives support our guests and our city of Victoria to become the greenest community in the province.

Giving Back to the Community

One of the best ways we work to support sustainability for Victoria is by supporting local charities and organizations who are doubling down on giving back. Recent initiatives include:

Giving back to the community with eco-friendly practices is more than just a boost to the local economy. Our employees are actively engaged in helping our hotel and spa meet these sustainability goals. This helps to elevate the social consciousness and responsibility throughout our entire operation hotel grounds.

Helping the Plants and Animals

Along with humans, we also support our local flora and fauna. Check out some of the ways we’ve supported the greening of Victoria:

  • Provided 7,000 trees for planting in Victoria through our retails sales of Eminence Organics, which is the equivalent of 12 acres of arbors added to the local environment
  • Collected rainwater using a greywater storage system to save 68,500 gallons of reusable greywater, which is enough water to support 40 killer whales
  • Annual participation in garbage pick-up during Earth Day Power Hour at Beacon Hill Park and St. Ann’s Academy National Historic Site
  • Added beehives from Bees Please Farms on our rooftop in 2019 to support the bee population in Victoria

By supporting our plants and animals we are working to increase sustainability in all areas of our hotel.

Providing Electric Charging Stations for Vehicles

We work to help improve green practices for guests by providing electric vehicle charging stations on our property. If you’re on a road trip to Victoria with your electric or hybrid vehicle, you can rest easier knowing you will be able to charge up when you arrive for your vacation.

In fact, here at The Parkside, we have three Tesla charging stations and three electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These stations were recently updated to meet the latest tech standards for clean energy vehicles.

Book Your Green Stay at The Parkside Hotel & Spa

Take advantage of all of the green benefits that a stay at The Parkside Hotel & Spa has to offer. Along with being one of the most sustainable businesses in downtown Victoria, we are also housed in a LEED approved Platinum level building, one of the highest rated eco built structures possible.  Everything from the way we provide energy to choosing only recycled paper products supports sustainability.

To find out more about just how green we can be, contact our Sustainability Stewards directly at (our very own Valeria & Jeffry are the heroes behind that email address!). Then, book your upcoming stay in our sustainable hotel and continue your personal support of eco-friendly initiatives while on vacation in Victoria, B.C.