Environmental Philosophy

Sustainable Tourism

Be the greenest hotel in Victoria. That is our goal. I’ve combined my personal passion for sustainability with my education, a Masters of Arts in Tourism Management with a concentration in Sustainable Tourism, to support the achievement of this goal for the property. Every day I try to inspire our team to work towards reaching that objective. Travel can be transformative and we are looking to transform the idea that sustainable tourism is not only possible but simple, easy, and fun!”

Trina White
General Manager



  • With 1.24 billion worldwide travellers the earth needs sustainable hotels.
  • Travellers need to be aware of the existence of ‘green’ hotel properties.
  • Guests need to understand how selecting sustainable hotels like The Parkside Hotel & Spa can lower their overall travel footprint.
The Parkside Hotel & Spa | Silk Road Tea | Green Initiatives
Silk Road Tea is stocked all our suites - a locally sourced, eco-friendly, organic product.