Green Hotel in Victoria, BC

The Parkside Hotel & Spa has been designed, built and furnished with sustainable development in mind. From the low-VOC fabrics and furnishings to the collection of waste water through strategic landscaping, The Parkside Hotel is a completely sustainable hotel.The concept for The Parkside Hotel & Spa was to design a building that would aesthetically fit with the surrounding neighborhood, and would be integrated as Victorian, but not dated or old. The three-storey glass and green roof atrium, use of rock and stone in and around the building and interior and exterior water features are intended to bring the inside out, and the outside in. 

Did you know?

  • The Parkside Hotel & Spa competed against Disney Vacation Club, Inc., Hilton and Marriott in the resort architecture and site design & utilization categories at the 2010 American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Convention and Exposition Award Gala - and won not one, but two, awards.
  • The Parkside Hotel & Spa has parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles. One of the first environment friendly hotels in Canada to do so.
  • Crystal Garden's beautiful and diverse plant collection is now part of The Parkside Hotel & Spa's three-storey green roof atrium.
  • The Parkside's rooftop gardens help to insulate the building against cold in winter and against heat in summer.
  • The Parkside's outdoor gardens on the first floor are home to edible fruit plants such as grapes, strawberries, blueberries and apple trees and an herb garden including lavender and parsley.



2016 EcoStar Award: Lodging and Accommodation
The Vancouver Island EcoStar Awards recognize outstanding environmental achievements and leadership by businesses, organizations and individuals. These awards are given to local champions of initiatives, projects and innovations that contribute to a vibrant future in which our communities and ecology both prosper.

The EcoStar Award for Lodging and Accommodation recognizes an accommodation business that demonstrates action to reduce waste, energy, water consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

5 Green Key Rating (out of 5): Green Key Global Eco-Rating Program
An internationally recognized graduated rating system designed to recognize environment friendly hotel, motels and resorts committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance.

2010 Energy & Environment Award: Hotel Association of Canada
Recognizes lodging properties that have developed a culture towards integrating environmental management practices that improve everyday operations and the bottom line, while maintaining quality service and meeting guest expectations.

2010 Development Project of the Year, Best Commercial Project, Best Commercial Interior, Best Project Website and the Award for Outdoor Environmental Achievement: Canadian Home Builders Association Recognizes the West Coast's creative craftsmanship and design while celebrating excellence in the industry.