Green Meetings

The Parkside Hotel & Spa prides itself on our environmentally friendly initiatives. We encourage our guests to consider planning green meetings and events as well.

Speak to our Conference Services Manager on how you can plan your event at The Parkside Hotel & Spa to be eco-friendly.

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Five Quick Tips

1. Ask guests to bring name tags rather than using name badge stickers. This will also save the host money.

2. Select a venue that is centrally located and can accommodate all of your needs including hotel accommodation, meeting spaces and reception areas. This cuts down on transportation needs and costs.

3. Turn off the lights and audio/visual equipment in the meeting space when leaving for a break or lunch.

4. Print all materials local and print double sided. This saves on having to have it shipped to the venue and supports local businesses!

5. Send all meeting information, follow ups and any surveys via email to attendees. This ensures less paper waste and less printing costs.