The Parkside Hotel & Spa - Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 5B1, Canada

Art in the Hotel

  • Birgit Piskor Art
  • Birgit Piskor Art

Professional artist Birgit Piskor was born in the town of Calw, situated in the Black Forest region of Germany. At a young age, she immigrated with her family to Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. They settled in the community of James Bay – just up the street from the home of iconic artist Emily Carr, where her studio and gallery are now located.

Known for her light, sensual, undulating forms, Birgit’s unique sculptural works are most commonly purchased internationally by art collectors and high-end interior designers. Her work is constantly evolving – from large-scale abstract pieces to fine objets d’art, each of Birgit Piskor’s pieces is individually created with exceptional attention to detail; no two pieces are alike.

Hardworking – and surprisingly strong for her small stature, Birgit channels the industrial essence of concrete into shapes and textures that defy the inherently rigid nature of the medium. The flowing organic concrete forms she produces are tactile expressions of transformation and visceral moments of beauty. Each handcrafted sculpture is constructed of only the highest quality materials that are both attractive to the eye and built to withstand the passage of time.

Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels throughout Europe, Central America, Japan, and the Middle East, Birgit freezes fluid motion into concrete, evoking a unique emotion with each form.

Artist's Statement

  • Birgit Piskor

Sculpture serves to slow the visual movement of the eye, creating moments wherein we feel compelled to pause.

The one constant in life is its inconstancy. Things change, and they do so at all levels – cellular, intellectual, spiritual. I believe that there is hidden beauty in the process of transformation, and concrete, a liquid that becomes a solid, embodies this belief perfectly.

I embrace revisiting timeworn material in my sculpture as a way of demonstrating that with our thoughts and actions we are all the sculptors of our delicate and interdependent environment. Art is communication, and through concrete, I am able to communicate the intimate connection that we all have to the concept of transformation.


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